Marking Supplies

Looking for a more automated way to code your products? We offer an inkjet barcode system


Express carries a full line of marking, stenciling, sealing and coding devices. Our company had the opportunity to grow into a full packaging distributor by first offering customers a way to mark, code and brand their products before the digital era. Contact us to learn more!

Stencil Machine capable of cutting 1/2", 3/4" or 1" characters into oilboard. Contact us for pricing based on size. 

Spray inks are useful for permanent, waterproof, fast drying, bold marks on any surface. Lead free, CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons), and CFHC-Free (hydro-chlorofluroocarbons). All ink formulations comply with CONEG (Coalition of North Eastern Governors) legislation. 

Oil Board

- Specially formulated to resist ink bleed-through
- Fine grade oilboard will not tear or pull when cut - saves you time and money
- The largest selection of standard sizes available for all types of stencil machines
- Choice of natural or canary finish
- Available in .015", .011", and .007" thickness
- Premium grade, finer fibers produce extremely clean-cut characters
-Other special cut sizes and rolls available.