Plastic Strapping Hand Tools

A full line of hand tools is available for plastic strapping applications. Hand tools are either battery powered, pneumatically powered, or manually operated.  


Hand Tools Offer:

- Solutions for strapping full pallet loads or other large objects
- Less expensive alternative to strapping machines
- Solutions for unique applications
- A perfect solution for low-mid volume shippers


There are different tools available to be used with any kind of strapping. Depending on the applicaiton, seals may be required to hold the strapping secure.

There are 3 functions of hand strapping tools:

- Tensioning
- Sealing
- Cutting

Some hand tools are combination tools that handle all three of the above. Plastic strapping can be sealed with or without seals. The battery powered hand tools use friction to weld the two ends of the strapping together. Most combination tools carry a magazine of metal seals that can be applied to hold the strapping in place. Manual hand tools are typically sold separately as tensioners, sealers, and cutters.